Transport is a major contributor to climate change and pollution in our cities.  Looking ahead, the need is to regulate the aggregate effect of vehicles, e.g. to avoid pollution peaks, manage traffic flow better, and regulate electric vehicle load on the energy network.  This requires vehicles to cooperate with each other.  Much of the technology needed will soon be widely deployed and the political will for change increasingly exists.  However, the lack of scalable, efficient algorithms for achieving cooperation and coordination, which is the primary technical focus of this proposal, remains a key bottleneck to future developments.  This creates an opportunity for Ireland to lead the development of new services in green transport and communication networks.  Ireland is well-positioned to exploit this opportunity and this proposal aims to act as a catalyst for this development and to position Ireland at the forefront of this emerging area.

* This project was originally based at National University of Ireland Maynooth and is now jointly located at University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin.